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Three Year Plan - Updated May 2013
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AIM: To increase the awareness of God’s presence and to celebrate God’s love.

*NB: At Scartho we believe that everything that happens in the church body is part of our worship.  However, for the purposes of this document, worship refers to corporate acts of worship.



·         We are always looking at ways to incorporate special services into our church worship life.

·         We have members of our congregation who are willing to be involved in leading worship.

·         We have seen an increase in young families in Morning worship.

·         We have a relaxed atmosphere during Morning Worship which leads to members feeling free to participate.

·         Evening worship is shared with other congregations in the area, and attendance has increased.

·         Early morning communion services cater for a growing congregation.

·         Our communion services are inclusive for all ages .

·         We have a regular MATCH service planned for all ages.

·         Our Saturday Prayer meetings are an established and valued part of our worship.

·         The Meditation group meets monthly.

·         A dedicated Prayer room is available.

·         Regular use of projector in services.

·         We are a member of the Family Friendly Churches Trust.

·         We have structured our evening worship to give various new forms of worship as well as a “normal” service.

·         Prayer boards are available in the church and in the corridor to allow prayers to be requested and to show answers to prayer.



·         To continue to provide worship in different styles and develop further.

·         Involve more people in the leading of worship eg. drama, music, prayers etc.

·         To continue to develop the role of worship leaders.

·         To further develop a multi-media approach to worship eg. use of I.T., artwork etc.

·         To continue to create an atmosphere in which people feel free to respond during worship.

·         To further develop the prayer life of the church including increasing the number of prayer meetings at a wider variety of times.

·         To continue to develop our links with other local churches and those within our section.




AIM: To help people to grow and learn as Christians, through mutual support and care.


·           We have a strong house group system and a growing Sunday Club. We have 2 Yi Pi House groups which meet regularly, one twice a month and the younger age group meeting monthly

·           We regularly participate in linked individual study, house groups and preaching.

·           We have a pastoral system for church members.

·           We recognise that lots of informal pastoral work also occurs.

·           We have a Men’s Fellowship as well as other established groups.

·           We are in the process of identifying areas in which teaching is required and providing this as necessary.

·           A yearly Church Family weekend away to Bawtry Hall takes place.


·           To continue to encourage joint house group teaching sessions to enable specialised teaching from visiting speakers to aid our growth and development.

·           To continue the promotion of house groups.

·           A structured programme for the teaching of the major Christian doctrines in mainstream worship.

·           To continue to monitor and further develop the pastoral system to cover non-members.

·           To continue to develop systems of ensuring that new people are made welcome in church and afterwards at coffee time.

·           To continue to provide opportunities to share meals together.

·           To continue to seek other ways of having fun as a church family



AIM: To be a good neighbour to people in need and to challenge injustice.


  • Saturday coffee provides a valued service to the community.
  • Youth Club provides a meeting place and structured activity for the older children in the community. 
  • ‘Parents and Toddlers’ provides a place for parents to meet up with others in similar circumstances.
  • As a church, we tithe (give away one tenth of) our income, supporting a variety of charitable causes including inter-national, national and local concerns.
  • We have established links with a church in the Ukraine which we support financially. We are also regularly supporting the charity Kenya Kids.
  • We contribute regularly towards the Daily Bread Food Larder and doorstep along with other local charities for those in need.
  • We have a Community Fund for immediate financial response when appropriate.
  • Events in the community Garden and others such as the cake stall encourage links with the local community.
  • The ‘Open Door’ provides a space for people to talk and opportunities for prayer as well as fellowship and refreshments.  We also host an art group.
  • We provide space for community activities.
  • We are a Fair Trade church.
  • We are members of the Evangelical Alliance which brings national and international affairs to our attention with an evangelical.
  • We have a prayer page in our notices that focuses on our local community as well as more national and worldwide issues. 
  • We have an active prayer chain, a prayer box with public access and a telephone prayer request service.
  • We lead regular acts of worship at a local residential home.
  • We have recycling facilities for our rubbish.
  • We regularly go into the community to litter pick.


  •  Find ways to offer more practical support to members of the community.
  • As a church, increase our awareness of world issues and the wider church.
  • As a church, increase our awareness of, and our involvement in, political issues including those which may affect our positions as Christians.
  • As a church, become more aware of our responsibilities towards our youth activities.
  • Continue to improve our ecological awareness.
  • Actively develop closer ecumenical links so that we can work to serve our community with others.


AIM: To make more followers of Jesus Christ.


  • We have a welcoming building and attractive worship area.
  • Our services and facilities are accessible as possible to all e.g. provision of disabled toilets, large print books etc.
  • We are developing a higher profile in the village through our community activities.
  • Church website, weekly newsletter and magazine are used to communicate information.
  • Many members are involved in one to one evangelism showing Jesus through word and action.
  • Provide summer Holiday Club each year.


  • Maintain and develop the fabric of our building.
  • Develop a more focussed approach to promoting the church through use of the local media, church website etc.
  • To develop better communication within the church.
  • To develop the use of our advertising both inside and outside the building, especially on noticeboards.
  • Develop a more structured approach to evangelism so that outreach events are planned at regular intervals.
  • To get to know people who come onto our premises through Saturday coffee etc.
  • Provide teaching on evangelism within mainstream worship and through other methods.
  • Encourage people in one to one evangelism in their everyday life.
  • To use national and local events as a tool for evangelism and reason to get out into our community.
  • Put notice sheets out on the tables at Saturday Coffee and at Open House.