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Becoming a Healthier Church

In June 2016 Scartho Methodist Church began to investigate how healthy they were as a church.

The overall discoveries were that we needed to do the following better


• Praying together and seeking God’s direction for us as a church

• Discovering gifts of those in the fellowship and encouraging one another to use their gifts.

• Discovering what it means to get out of our own 4 walls and connect with our community in order to share the love of God and introduce people to Jesus.


As a result it is suggested that each church committee, as listed below, and all housegroups consider the following questions as part of their meetings and what it means practically for them in the life of Scartho Methodist Church.  These questions will form the basis of our developing vision for the future until 2020.


This ‘Vision’, and our progress in pursuing it, will be reviewed every year at the AGM.




• How do we keep our worship vibrant/relevant and all inclusive?

• How do we teach/encourage people in prayer – both individual and corporate?

• How do we teach/encourage people in discerning/ discovering/using/ developing their gifts?

• How do we teach/ encourage others in reaching ‘outside’ the church/ being involved in the church reaching out/ having the confidence and enthusiasm to reach out?

• How do we develop our involvement in ‘Getting out of church’ initiatives?  Do we need to develop existing/new ideas?




• How do we encourage involvement in outreach activities eg  Youth Work, Getting out of Church Sunday etc?

• How do we use the gifts people have in reaching out?

• How do we train people to have confidence to share their faith?

• What specifically do we need to pray for/do to enable us to go into/serve and get alongside and witness to the community?

• How do we discern which outreach/service activities we can/should get involved with?

• How do we encourage the whole church to ‘own’ any such activity?




• How do we continue to ensure people feel they are welcomed and feel they belong?

• How do we encourage individuals to discover/use/develop their gifts?

• How can the church use the gifts that people have/discover/hide?

• How do we ensure we are as inclusive as possible in all we do?

• How can we develop a community which prays together?

• How can we involve ‘food’ activities to develop fellowship, a sense of belonging and involvement and produce new and growing disciples?




• How do we encourage people to pray together?

• What ‘tools’ can we provide to help praying together to happen?

• Do we need more activities/ different approaches to involve EVERYONE in the prayer life of Scartho – whether they can attend or not?

• How do we use ‘food’ in developing praying together?

• How will we discern where God is leading us on all we pray about?   How will we know when to act and what to do?




• How can we use + maintain our building in the service of all the ideas/needs of those activities which arise from all the above ‘Developing our Vision’ questions?



The above is a starting point for ‘Developing the Vision of Scartho Methodist Church.

The Leadership Team will keep it under constant review and the AGM will review it every year

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