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Committee Structure

The Methodist Church bases its work and structure on ‘Our Calling’ and we are using this structure to revise our Committee structure at Scartho.

Our Calling states

The calling of the Methodist Church is to respond to the gospel of God’s love in Christ and to live out its discipleship in worship and mission

In all we seek to do this should be our aim – our mission – we are after all   [as Martyn Atkins            ( former General Secretary of the Methodist Church) said]

‘A discipleship movement shaped for mission’

At Scartho we have, for several years, had a Committee structure based on ‘Our Calling’ and we are currently reviewing it as some of the Committees are not operating as they were originally intended

Our proposal is that our Committee structure remains largely the same – under the following headings ( Prayer has been separated out from ‘Worship’ as it is such a big and important part of the Christian + Church life)




Learning and Caring

Evangelism and Service

Property and Finance


We would like to relaunch the remit of each Committee and encourage those attending any of our services and activities  to seriously and prayerfully consider whether they could/should get involved in 1 ( or more) Committee.

There will be an initial Open Meeting for each Committee to which as many as possible are encouraged or invited to come – and for subsequent meetings the same Open invitation will be emphasised.  At the initial Open Meeting there will be open and honest discussion as to the terms of reference for each Committee and a sharing of ideas and suggestions as to what the Committee might be involved with.  It is highly likely that the different Committees might need to consult with one another so that ‘overlap’ is managed constructively.

Initial publicity for the individual group meetings is suggested as follows ( and it is hoped that this – to some degree – gives the remit of the meetings)




The church exists to increase awareness of God’s presence and to celebrate God’s love

Do you enjoy worshipping God?  Together or on your own?

Do you have ideas as to how we could develop worship – on Sundays?  At other times in the week?

Are you interested in being more involved in planning worship + organising worship?

What else would you like to see/ experience in worship?

Come and share your ideas at the Worship meeting – 3 or 4 times a year

See what a difference you can make!

Open to all




Are you enthusiastic about prayer?

Are you wanting to encourage/ enable other people to pray – at home, at church, anywhere?

Are you willing to work in a team to help prayer to happen in the life of the church?

Are you creative?

Do you enjoy exploring different methods of prayer?

Are you wanting to get more involved in church life?

If so – why not come and share your ideas in the Prayer Group?


• To pray

• To help/ coordinate prayer events

• To share your enthusiasm with others

• To see God at work

• To discover God’s vision and direction for the church and individuals

Open to all


Learning and Caring


The church exists to help people grow and learn as Christians, through mutual support and care.

Do you want to know more about your faith?

Do you feel helped and supported in your Christian life?

If not – we need to make sure you (and others) do!

If so – we need to make sure others do too!


If you want to be involved in ensuring others are cared for and helped to grow as Christians – this is the group for you!


The possibilities are endless

If you’re  willing to be involved in organising/coordinating events/schemes/ learning programmes where people can learn and grow in their faith and support one another through the events of life

Why not come and share your ideas/ visions of what we should/ could be doing?


Open to all


Evangelism + Service


The church exists to be a good neighbour to people in need and to challenge injustice

The church exists to make more followers of Jesus Christ


Do you want to see the church more involved with and serving the community?

Have you ideas as to how that might happen?

Are you willing to help make it happen?

Do you want to encourage others to get involved too?



Do you want to help make more followers of Jesus Christ?

Have you ideas as to how we might do that?

Are you willing to help make it happen?

Do you want to encourage others to join in God’s work in our local area?


To share your ideas and get involved  practically as we seek to do those things come to the Evangelism and Service Group

Open to all


Property + Finance


Are you good at managing, mending or looking after buildings + property?

Are you wanting to use those skill in the service of God and for the church?

Are you wanting/ willing to work in a team who look after and develop our buildings and property?


If so – you could come and share in the work of the Property and Finance Meeting

2 or 3 meetings a year


Lots of fun, fellowship and hard work in between.


Open to all

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