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Prayer Diary

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Prayer Diary For Week Commencing

Sunday 14th June 2019



"Rejoice always; pray continually."  1 Thessalonians 5: 16, 17 NIV‬‬.


Please pray for all the people that have been affected by the recent earthquake in California and also by the recent violent storm in Greece. Pray for those few people that have lost loved ones and those that have been injured by the storm.


Please pray about the continuing protests and clashes in Hong Kong over the suspended extradition bill to extradite people to mainland China. Although this bill has been suspended there are still clashes between those for and against the bill.


Please pray about the increased tension between Iran and the UK since one of their oil tankers was seized by British forces for being suspected of trying to beat the UN sanctions.  Small boats from Iraq have recently interfered with one of our tankers in waters near Iraq.

The Iraqi government has denied this has anything to do with them but have threatened retaliation.


Please continue to pray about the number of people that are being stabbed in this country.  Pray for the police and other authorities.


Please pray about the rise in racism, particularly anti-Semitism, in this country.


Please continue to pray about the Leadership contests in both the Conservative party and the Lib-Dems.  Pray about how this affects the Brexit debate.


Please pray for the 321,000 Christians who live in Azerbaijan, most of whom are from a Russian or Armenian background.  There are around 10,000 Azeri Christians, who are considered traitors to Islam and their country.  Most of the persecution of Christians in Azerbaijan comes from government officials.  Since 1991, when the country gained independence from the former Soviet Union, all churches have been obliged to re-register at least six times, with fewer congregations managing to pass each time.


Unregistered churches face the constant threat of raids, confiscations and fines.  Arrests and beatings occur on a regular basis.  Fear that churches have been infiltrated by informers means that no one knows whom to trust. Those who are known to be Christians have difficulty in finding a job. Christians from Muslim backgrounds bear the brunt of persecution, both at the hands of the state and from friends and family.


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