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Prayer Diary

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Prayer Diary For Week Commencing

Sunday 15th September 2019



"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer."  Acts 2: 42 NIV.


In the same way let us devote ourselves to prayer.


Please continue to pray for the people of the Bahamas as they continue to try to recover from the effects of the hurricane that affected them so awfully last week.  Pray that other countries will help the islands after this tragedy.


Please continue to pray about Brexit.  Pray for cool heads for all those involved in discussions.  Pray that politicians and others will understand each other.  Pray that there will not be violence in the country because of what is going on, but that people will attempt to understand each other's views.


Please pray about the cancer survival rates in this country, (Ours lags behind other countries with similar health systems).  Pray for health professionals as they work with cancer patients.  Pray for those who are involved in cancer research, that they may find better and more effective ways of treating cancer.


Please pray about the increase in tension around Israel due to the comments of one of the prospective leaders in the forthcoming election. Pray for peace in Israel and that all the countries around, including Israel, will be willing to discuss the problems in that part of the world.


Please pray for a reduction in domestic violence.  We must remember that most of us will know people that are affected by this terrible thing.


Please continue to pray for our new Superintendent Minister as he settles in here.  Pray that we will not unfairly compare him with previous Superintendents, as can happen.


Please pray for the Christians of Albania.  They are about 30% of the population.  Thank God that they are now free to worship after the worst persecution in Europe.  Pray that the church will continue to grow and the Gospel will reach people who were denied this opportunity for so many years.


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